Roberta Brown Shader

My artwork is intended to be a visual conversation with the viewer responding to the use of color, gesture and design. I paint in many locations and a variety of subjects.


In some of the figure work, the perception of the human form is a subject of intense color interpretation. Each person is in the midst of his or her own self-expression.


Sunsets and moonscapes are transformed into abstracted explosions of colors and forms. A sense of awe is the impetus for these paintings, and an invitation to draw in the observer.


Since moving recently to Colorado, the landscape has impacted me with a mystifying , infinite vastness. I use a saturated colored palette and a patchwork of textures and patterns.


Freely representational, I work in acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, and collage. As the artist-painter, I intend to keep moving on to more varied and diverse approaches.